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Real estate and infrastructure

Real estate and construction engineering department is one of the main non-litigation business law firm. The Department lawyer familiar with real estate development and construction of the laws, regulations and practices, familiar with real estate and construction business rules the actual passage of, has successfully hosted a large number of real estate and legal affairs construction projects, has a wealth of real estate and construction projects the whole process of legal services practice experience, range of services and customer segments involve land acquisition, investment and development, and foreign design, bidding, project management, engineering, construction, equipment supply, sales agents, housing sales, property management, hotel management, project financing and project companies, government institutions, banks, non-bank financial institutions, guarantee agencies, and other agencies.
Business scope
  • Land investment, land investment, land transfer trust, land development, land consolidation, relocation, compensation, collective land contract, lease, the right to transfer, state-owned land use rights cooperation development, business model design and legal risk management
  • Real estate development and management: the establishment of the real estate enterprise or the project company; pre project approval, approval, license; real estate pre-sale, sales, management authority in the registration; commercial real estate development, leasing, investment, advertising; residential, office buildings, shops and property management; hotel service and management; home market, shopping mall market management that the
  • Real estate transaction: the legal structure of real estate M & A transactions; Project M & A financing; legal due diligence; legal documents and negotiation of M & A transactions; the approval and registration of relevant government departments; and the tax related issues involved in the merger and acquisition
  • Real estate financing: real estate trust, investment management plan, the establishment and distribution of equity investment funds, real estate projects in the establishment and distribution of short-term bills, corporate bonds, real estate projects factoring, financial leasing, operating property securitization; real estate projects pre-sale, equity financing to raise the structure design; financing and other issues involved in the financing
  • Construction Engineering: construction project bidding; construction design, supervision, total score, procurement, cost consulting all kinds of contract formulation, review, negotiation; construction project contract performance and supervision; construction project completion acceptance and delivery; construction enterprise internal management system construction; construction performance, construction, settlement, claims, quality, cost dispute settlement; construction project warranty and quality assurance
  • Transportation, infrastructure construction: legal due diligence; investment and trade structure design; franchise contract; infrastructure operation management and transfer; BOT, PPP, BT project mode urban infrastructure financing

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