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Zhao Shiwei v. Liaoyuan City radio and Television Bureau, Li

Zhao Shiwei v. Liaoyuan City radio and Television Bureau, Liaoyuan City, Jilin City cable television and other property rights disputes.

The case for the new China, the first case of the television property dispute case, in the broadcasting system caused by strong vibration, the plaintiff had told the Xinhua news agency, internal control disclosure related to the case, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; General Secretary Jiang Zemin personally given instructions and requirements according to law by the relevant departments to seriously deal with. The outline is:

Zhao Shiwei former Department of an enterprise workers, saw that the share of television antenna installation market profit is considerable, then to the Liaoyuan Municipal Radio and Television Bureau to undertake the installation works. Because at that time there is no professional team, radio and Television Bureau agreed to its request, after the radio and Television Bureau will be the installation of the user's task to give Zhao, and in 1986 set up a collective enterprise “ Liaoyuan City, the antenna installation team &rdquo.

One nine nine O radio and Television Bureau leadership was informed Foshan, Shashi has set up a cable television station, in the field after the investigation that the way to represent the direction of industry development, has broad market prospects, so in 1991 set up a national third cable television!

Cable TV was first established, the first task is line reconstruction, equipment installation, installation personnel to antenna installation team principal, Shi Wei Zhao transferred to television he served as deputy director. Because Zhao himself is not a member of the Communist Party of China so always failed to ascend as director, this Zhao heart grey meaning cold, decided to go into business, then claim their right to the property of cable television.

Myself as the radio and Television Bureau of litigation:

First, the principle of defining property rights is who, who has, who benefit. Investors should reflect the investment paid in capital in financial books, and Zhao has no such records;

Second, cable television is an extension of the wireless TV, the premise of the operation is to provide signals, and the signal is derivative of spectrum resources, the wireless signal is owned by the state;,

Third, cable television is a propaganda tool, is the mouthpiece of the party and the government, the public positions, administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations clearly stipulates: no non-public economic sectors in any form involved in operational activities. Therefore, Shi Wei Zhao does not have market access conditions,;

The court accepted the agent, presided over the court settlement, the plaintiff withdrawal closed.

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