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Civil and commercial litigatio

 Lawyers known as "the big action," said the civil and commercial litigation Business law is one of the largest sector. Civil and commercial litigation lawyer, graduated from the most professional law school, has a master's degree or a bachelor of law, with a more solid theoretical foundation of law; the majority of lawyers employed long time, the contractor dozens, hundreds from difficult and complicated civil cases, with a wealth of handling experience and skilled court skills, is the "expert group", "technical school" lawyer on behalf of the team.
Civil litigation lawyer, composed of a number of professional team, in-depth study of a professional theory and practice, "specialization + Team" of the service model, providing customers with high quality litigation services; corporate law professor has engaged in teaching, international trade arbitration Commission arbitrator engaged in legal work overseas returnees lawyer and long been engaged in corporate law practice senior lawyers, legal theory and practice is a process have a high level expert team of lawyers as domestic and international banking and finance sector and large enterprises perennial legal adviser.
Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration lawyers, working closely with the company of the Ministry, Finance Ministry and other non-litigation legal team, the company for domestic and foreign customers throughout the litigation and non-litigation legal services.
Business area
  • Family disputes: divorce, divorce, inheritance, maintenance, maintenance disputes, etc.;
  • Contract disputes: the sale, loan, guarantee, contract, lease, transportation, construction, housing sales, partnership agreement and other types of contract validity confirmation, termination, breach of contract, compensation and other disputes;
  • Property disputes: Property confirmation, ownership dispute, guarantee right, usufruct and other disputes;
  • Intellectual property disputes: copyright, patent right, trademark right infringement, contract dispute;
  • Labor dispute cases: the labor contract disputes, personnel contract disputes arbitration and litigation
  • Infringement disputes:, including product liability, medical malpractice, traffic accident, environmental pollution and other tort liability, damage compensation;
  • Environmental and mining disputes: environmental pollution tort litigation mining ownership, investment, mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and other disputes.
  • Disputes related to the company: the qualification of the shareholders, the shareholders, the transfer of shares, the company's decision, the establishment of the company, the merger of the company, the acquisition of the listing Corporation, and the interests of the shareholders, etc.

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