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Criminal defense and agency

Criminal business unit specialized for all kinds of criminal cases by the practicing lawyers, members have graduated from China's top law schools, most have criminal law, criminal procedural law or master's degrees, a solid professional knowledge, academic foundation deep, and some members with the state organs of public prosecutor, and other rich experience in working in the criminal justice.
The department hired Gao Mingxuan, ZHAO, prof, Zhang Mingkai, Ruan Qilin, Chen Guangzhong, Fan Chongyi, Chen Ruihua and other famous criminal law, criminal procedure law professor served as an expert consultant of the firm by the firm honorary director of the China University of Political Science Professor Tian Wenchang led elite defense team to Caoshu Chang, Yang Dong, Dong Xuan, Wang, Han Jiayi, Zhu Yonghui, public Pi country, Wu Liwei, Liu Bo, Zhang Xin pottery and other lawyers as the center of the group members. Criminal business center group practice and promote team spirit, integration of collective wisdom and resources to ensure the quality of the criminal case business unit, to defend life, to defend freedom.
In the field of criminal defense law firm renowned for their achievements, the defense of the country more than major cases have a significant impact, which is also actively involved in criminal activities in the field of national legislation, have been involved in "Criminal Procedure Law" to amend the draft expert lawyers, "attorney law "legislative activity. Criminal business in the long course of their practice, with superb service, highly responsible professionalism, good defense effect, won the praise of the parties and all sectors of society, and thus creating a good interpersonal, inter-industry relations, the parties, academic community, state organs won a good professional reputation.

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