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Capital market

 Capital Markets is one of the early establishment of the department, the department lawyers, on average, more than ten years of business experience in securities law, the department lawyers focus summarize theory from practice, and used to guide practice, focusing on aspects of the theory and practical experience in balanced development. For business to hire a group of leading experts, including academic institutions and practices department as a business consultant to assist customers to solve difficult problems.
Some lawyers have state organs of public prosecutor, and other rich experience in the administration of justice in, good people combine punishment, both for good criminal risk prevention and control, and it helps people to use the method of combining punishment deal with the problem. In addition, the Capital Markets litigation expertise as the basis, combined with the non-litigation proceedings.
Special has been or is cooperation, legal counsel class customers for domestic and foreign enterprises, companies and organizations very active, including: People's Bank of China, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Everbright Bank of China, Bank of China, Huaxia Bank head office, Minsheng Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China international Trust and investment Corporation, China construction Bank Beijing branch of Agricultural Bank of China Beijing branch, Bank of China Hong Kong branch, Beijing Bank; China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., China Everbright Securities Co., Ltd., CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., Beijing Securities Co., Ltd. and so on; China Huarong asset management Corporation, China Orient asset management Corporation, China Cinda asset management Corporation and the like; the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of culture, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Finance national comprehensive agricultural development review Center, Beijing venture Capital Association, Zhongguancun technology & equity Exchange, etc;
Business scope
  • Conduct due diligence
  • To draft the relevant documents for the company as a whole for the limited company to draft the relevant documents
  • Improve corporate governance structure
  • Regulate the behavior of the company
  • The necessary pre listing guidance for the staff of Dong Jiangao
  • For the company in the new three board listing and public transfer of legal opinion issued
  • For refinancing are listed company (allotment, issuance) legal review, legal opinion issued by
  • To the shareholders' meeting of the shareholders of the listed company

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