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Administrative proceedings

 The revised "Administrative Procedure Law" came into effect on May 1, 2015 has promulgated Supreme People's Court "on the Administrative Procedure Law of judicial interpretation." "Administrative Procedure Law" for filing an administrative case litigation practice hard, hearing difficulties, difficulties in the implementation of the "three difficult" issues, from protection of the rights of the parties to litigation, jurisdiction system and improve the system of evidence and other aspects of administrative litigation system has been improved, as promoting administration according to law, regulate the government law enforcement to protect the legitimate interests of the administrative counterpart to provide a more solid legal support.
Business litigation law firm, has a unique advantage in the field of administrative litigation has accumulated a wealth of experience. Outstanding Law Firm organization established administrative litigation team, to provide three-dimensional, full range of legal services. Team composition and reasonable, have bachelor's or master's degree in law, profound theoretical knowledge; most have extensive litigation experience, skilled agents; partially served in various leadership positions in the executive, the executive familiar with the operating mode. Team from start to strengthen theoretical exercise accomplishment, comprehensive sort financed administrative litigation in recent years, success stories, followed by administrative litigation front, the country committed itself as a first-class service team to provide customers with superior legal services in this field. Business, including operations management, real estate acquisition, real estate, construction, intellectual property, environmental resources, anti-monopoly, anti-dumping, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and state compensation cases and other areas such as taxation.
Business scope
  • Administrative reconsideration: on the administrative punishment, administrative compulsory measures, administrative license, administrative acts as the administrative acts of the administrative acts of the administrative reconsideration of the administrative reconsideration;
  • Administrative litigation: real estate, real estate, construction projects, intellectual property, environmental resources, anti monopoly, anti-dumping, tax and other administrative litigation cases;
  • State Compensation: the state organs and their staff to exercise their powers and powers to cause the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons, other organizations, causing damage to the case of state compensation.

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