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Government and the related leg

 Government and classified legal services is one of the main business area of Beijing law firm, law firm government legal team after many years of business practice, government legal services and legal services in the field of military secrecy has accumulated a wealth of professional experience, and and gradually establish a more perfect working methods and systems, government lawyers over the years and confidential legal services team in a professional, efficient and accurate legal level of service at all levels of government and institutions to provide a wide range of legal services, business scope covers government finance, financial derivatives, environmental protection, education, internet, infrastructure, government investment, energy, transportation, finance, military secrecy, public utilities and other fields.
Business scope
  • Provide legal advice to the government's major decisions;
  • To participate in the proceedings or deal with the relevant legal affairs relating to the field of non litigation;
  • Participate in the major economic projects in the district to discuss and contract, draft, modify, review the major economic contracts and other important legal instruments;
  • Participate in the formulation of regional government regulatory documents, and provide legal argumentation;
  • Assisting the government to carry out legal publicity and education;
  • Other legal matters handled by the government;
  • Provide legal advice on the major decisions of the government confidential department;
  • To provide legal advice for the major decision-making of the military units
  • Handle legal affairs entrusted by other secret units.

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