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Environment and resources

 Non-litigation business of environmental resources by the environmental tort litigation in mining and resource represented by, litigation composition.
Mergers and acquisitions, financing, transfer and other litigation and non-litigation business in the mining sector, is one of the strengths of professional services firms. Mining Lawyers by a senior lawyer Xiaoshu Wei, Han and other mining areas of good composition, hosted more than a tremendous impact at home and abroad, the contents of complex cases mining mergers and acquisitions, financing, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the field. With the strengthening of environmental resources and the Supreme Court of the China Chamber of environmental pollution control established by law promptly set up a public Pi country, Zhao Qilong other senior litigation counsel for the core members of the litigation team of Environment and Resources, and resources dedicated to environmental public interest litigation legal research disputes disposal and disposal practices.
Environment and Resources business litigation and non-litigation lawyers work closely with environmental and resource-related organizations, institutions and enterprises to provide full non-litigation and litigation legal services.
Business scope
  • To accept the trust of the organization of the environmental protection agency to investigate and obtain evidence, the organization and the agency of environmental public interest litigation;
  • The respondent enterprises to deal with pollution tort litigation;
  • Acting as a citizen or an enterprise to bring an administrative lawsuit;
  • Defense of units and individuals to be accused of environmental protection;
  • Mining ownership disputes;
  • Mineral company shares transfer, financing M & A, contract leasing, cooperation and other contractual disputes;
  • The transfer, transfer, lease and mortgage of the right of exploration and mining;
  • To provide due diligence and negotiation for the transfer, transfer, lease and mortgage of prospecting and mining rights,
  • Investment and financing legal business and legal risk prevention of mineral resources
  • To provide legal services for the acquisition and transfer of shares of the mineral company;
  • To provide legal advice, due diligence, review contract and participate in negotiation for foreign investment in China's mining industry
  • For Chinese enterprises to go abroad to invest in foreign mining law, risk prevention, trading structure design, etc.;
  • To provide legal services to the relevant enterprises to provide legal advice on environmental protection, environmental protection laws,
  • To provide the legal services for the construction of environmental protection projects, such as the PPP mode of financing, and the design of the contract system, etc.

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