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Foreign legal business

 Brought together a group of skilled Chinese laws and regulations, proficient knowledge of foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, overseas construction, international trade, etc., with professionals abroad to study and work in the background, the composition of foreign business unit. The Department worked multi-level, many sectors of Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide legal services to help them understand the current legal system in China and in many countries around the world, to choose the right investment, market entry strategies and forms of organization, production, review, modification foreign language legal documents on behalf of clients looking for reliable foreign co-counsel, and to provide solutions in legal disputes abroad. Foreign business in the field of foreign investment, foreign investment in China, Chinese and foreign enterprises to negotiate cooperation, international trade, foreign commercial mediation, international arbitration has accumulated rich experience. In addition, with this being a strong team of criminal defense lawyers seamless, foreign business in China has repeatedly Agency for foreigners crime criminal defense and foreign companies to report criminal and other cases to the Chinese police.
Lawyers and attorneys counterparts in many countries have maintained good cooperative relations, can provide customers with smooth cross-border legal services. In the field of the following jurisdictions, the attorney can help clients invest in negotiations to grasp the legal risk, or provide a dispute resolution:
Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal and other European countries and Australia and the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico and other American countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of Africa, more than ten countries.
Business scope
  • Production, review and revision of foreign language legal documents
  • To provide solutions to customers in the legal disputes outside
  • Foreign investment
  • Foreign investment in China
  • Sino foreign enterprises cooperative negotiation
  • International trade
  • Foreign Commercial Conciliation
  • International Arbitration

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