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The lawyer hired for the Internet Financial distinguished le

On the afternoon of September 27, 2014, Internet banking legal risk management experts, a partner with the law firm Zuo Shenggao lawyer, accept Xinze gold business school invited, held in September 27-28 Beijing Tianlun Dynasty Hotel & ldquo; Internet banking and trust / brokers endowment tube, a subsidiary of the fund and other institutions and information tube business combined with innovative practice training & rdquo; as the keynote speaker.

The training, aims to explore and solve the financial institutions how to use Internet tools to achieve business innovation, and in the issue of financial products, trading, settlement and other aspects of the P2P, the financial assets exchange, the third party payment, all the chips and other ways to achieve business transformation and breakthrough. The training session, Zuo Shenggao lawyers combined with practical operation and experience, for the trust, information management agencies, the business backbone of the fund to do a “ Internet banking practitioners are faced with the risk of the type of legal risk and the practice of &rdquo.

Participate in the training of personnel: Sichuan, COFCO trust, the trust and investment trust, Beijing trust, Ping An Securities, Soochow securities investment fund, in turn, Antoine financial group, Tibet securities brokerage, Guangxi investment group, Henan Cheung investment trust, KunLun, Shun Chi Chongqing Yuxi investment, leasing, equity in Beibu Gulf exchange, Yilong rural commercial bank, in the guarantee, Jingu trust, Huatai Securities, Fu, copper is firm meters network technology, network technology, love investment assets, investment Gold Oriental wise, the Internet financial times, Kam, Kam east east group investment, cloud micro Xun institutions such as senior managers, department heads the backbone of the business and so on nearly 60 people.

After the meeting, participants responded enthusiastically, and on the Internet banking practitioners legal risk prevention, as well as P2P net loan platform, all the chips, third party payment and other Internet financial products operating mode, legal attributes, in-depth interaction and communication. Expert lecturer site employed for a period of two years, and issued a certificate.

Lawyer Zuo Shenggao and legal experts of Internet banking, law firm partner, Internet financial director of the Department of legal affairs, the Internet banking risk management combination will founder. Long term research and good at P2P platform, all the chips, the third party payment, big data finance and other Internet financial products mode of operation structure skills, as well as the relevant mode of legal risk and prevention. With rich experience in practice, the formation of the team has developed a set of &ldquo for practitioners, platforms and investors, ” the trinity of Internet banking risk management system, designed to provide a full range of financial product innovation and risk control to provide a full range of legal support.

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