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Tianjin high tech Zone investment office visit to visit

October 14th at 11 am, Tianjin hi tech Zone Investment Office Director Zhang Shusen visit, the executive director Yang Jianhua, partner lawyer Shao Leilei, partner lawyer Wang Guanshun accompanied visit.

At the meeting, the director of the Tianjin Zhang Shusen, the future development prospects and the current development of Tianjin hi tech Zone, and said that the future development of Tianjin in urgent need of such a large scale to join.

Yang Jianhua lawyer expressed deep approval, and said the same is very much hope to reach a strategic cooperation with Tianjin High-tech Zone, settled in Tianjin high tech Zone, to create a lawyer in Tianjin high tech.

The law system of planning and development director Zhang Shusen also asked, the development is very promising, and sincerely appreciated.

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