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The Justice Department Director Wang Yong pipe to inspect an

June 13, 2014 morning, the Ministry of justice Wang Yong, director of the Department of justice and the Judicial Bureau of the leadership of Niu Xu invited to visit the headquarters of the guidance work, and delivered an important speech at the meeting.

Leaders of the Ministry of justice under director huangzhenzhong and executive director Yang Jianhua accompanied visited, and to the introduced the law firm's organizational structure, the present and the future of a three-year development plan, the school organized around the branch and the establishment such as.

The following is a dialogue between the director Wang Yong and director Huang Zhenzhong:

Wang Yong: “ what is the core competitiveness?

Huang Zhenzhong: “ the degree of specialization and specialization of lawyers is the core competitiveness of law firms. Only to be expert in the law, the lawyer may have the advantage in the fierce competition in the legal service market. In the course of the reform of the legal profession, who can take the lead in the degree of specialization, who will take the lead. Law firm in the next three years, will be built with professional characteristics as the core professional service team, and further optimize the combination, in the financial, tax, IPO, corporate mergers and acquisitions, involving Russian business, involving the Korean business, involving Japan, business, environmental, intellectual property, criminal and other fields, a number of core competitiveness of the product, to seize the commanding heights of the legal services market, the industry's competitive advantage.

Wang Yong: “ management mode is compared with other firms?

Huang Zhenzhong: “ is located in the CBD District of China World Trade Center, low cost, high commission ratio. Through the establishment of the globalization of the legal service system, through the establishment of different departments, such as market department, administration department, brand culture, customer management department, finance department, risk control department, of firm of propaganda, market development, risk control, staff recruitment, training, customer relationship maintenance support and financial matters, so that the lawyer can focus more on how to improve the professional ability raise and legal services.

Wang Yong affirmed the efforts made in development planning and the current law construction and other matters, he also pointed out that: & ldquo; strengthen the five building, and actively organize lawyers were depth of learning and resource swap, in the dissemination of knowledge and experience at the same time, should also pay more attention to the application of the method. ”  

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