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In order to enhance the ability of dealing with the legal affairs to help early, intermediate lawyer, legal, but also for helping the parties to resolve the common legal issues, now publishing house of law oriented with certain legal practice experience lawyer solicitation, welcome capital lawyers eagerly contribute.

A call for papers, the content of

1 enterprise capital market operations. The books mainly include private investment, the new three board, the gem, corporate listing, investment and acquisition, equity, debt transfer and other related business capital market operations.

2 enterprise legal risk prevention books. Including enterprise management legal risk prevention, enterprise employment risk prevention, enterprise intellectual property risk prevention, etc..

The 3 most common litigation and non litigation business lawyers to the whole operation refers to the class library. Including road transport, marriage and family, labor disputes, medical, corporate disputes and other litigation and real estate, construction projects, and other non litigation business.

Two, the author requested

Can be a personal independence, but also co authored or team collective creation, but the chief editor, the author must have 5 years of experience in related fields.

Three, publishing costs

With content quality requirements do not need to pay publication costs, book sales in 2000 to 3000 copies of some of the above law press to the author pay royalties.

Four, need to explain the problem

1 determine the writing intention of both parties of specific programs and manuscript style.

2 involved in the same project, first submitted the priority; the simultaneous delivery of the manuscript, good quality priority.

3 for the final interpretation for the people.

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