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Shanghai Hua Chen power assist Polytron Technologies Inc com

Recently, and team of Shanghai Branch senior partner Huang Kaijun lawyers successfully for the Shanghai Hua Chen Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Chen Hua company & rdquo;) acquisition of Shanghai World Island Sichuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide legal services, and on 5 August 2015 in the office of the Shanghai Branch of the global smooth signing.

The mergers and acquisitions from due diligence to signed an agreement which lasted five months. The acquired company structure is relatively complex and numerous branches, is our country mechanical parking equipment manufacturing leading enterprises, after the completion of the acquisition, Hua Chen company will have parking equipment from the design, manufacture, construction and installation, operation and management of a complete industrial chain. Due to mergers and acquisitions were a number of technology companies, such as Taku parking lot, steel structure removing follow parking facilities are the introduction of Japanese technology, in the domestic related data is less, for the case of legal risk analysis and evaluation of the increased difficulty is not small. Huang Kaijun lawyer, Huang Mingxing lawyer assistant and other team members of the customer service, for customers to maximize the benefits of the same time, efforts to coordinate the differences between the two sides, eventually led to the successful signing of the merger and acquisition projects, and the high level of legal services to win the customer's recognition.

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