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To help Lan Qingxin material success in the stock transfer s

On July 31, Shanghai Lan Qingxin Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Securities: LAN Qingxin material, stock code: 833034) stock transfer of shares of small and medium-sized enterprises in the national system of successful listing. Shanghai Branch senior partner Xia Min Huang lawyer, partner lawyer Xue Mei, Jiang Xiangjun lawyer, Tian Tian and lawyer assistant for this listing provides full legal service.

Shanghai Lan Qingxin material technology Limited by Share Ltd is a special for the photoelectric, injection molding, electroplating and other industries to provide the high - end protection film development, production and sales of enterprises, the main raw material and manufacturing process from South korea. Shanghai Lan Qingxin material technology Limited by Share Ltd to provide customers with the high - end protection film - making solution services, at present with a number of domestic major touch-screen and LCD polarizing film manufacturers and other industry customers to establish a long-term business relationship.

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