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Successfully representing the United States Nike Internation

Nike International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “ Nike ”) is one of the world's top 500 companies and one of the world's leading sports products. Recently, Shanghai Branch of intellectual property lawyer Zeng Tao rely on resource advantage in their team, and in the field of foreign intellectual property rich adults experience, in and the competition of the leading law firms succeed Nike commissioned and in the last week just ended with trademark infringement disputes successfully for customers obtained 100 million yuan of economic compensation, the professionalism and quality of service by a high degree of customer recognition.

Zeng Tao leadership of lawyer of the intellectual property rights of the team has received the German Robert Bosch GmbH, Valeo company in France, Germany, Hella, MANN + HUMMEL GmbH in Germany, USA Dow Corning company a number of world famous company's intellectual property rights, the special rights and interests protection law and order. The team is committed to providing one-stop brand protection services for international and domestic famous brands, service content covers the infringement investigation, non litigation negotiations to solve the overall program design, implementation and daily maintenance. Valeo rights cases of the individual agents, as this year's World Intellectual Property Day propaganda theme, one of a series of activities, legal channel in Shanghai were hearing the whole live; agent of the United States, Dow Corning Corporation rights cases because of intellectual property in the field of criminal attached with civil procedure successfully accepted and executed, many famous international companies of intellectual property protection level of China is highly recognized.

In the process of integration and integration of the Dentons and the internationalization, specialization, team for each intellectual property lawyer put forward higher requirements, intellectual property will continue to play a team advantage, for more international and domestic famous customers to provide one-stop service, comprehensive display of intellectual property rights of international and professional legal services.

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